1. broadcastarchive-umd:

    This unique PhD project is the first academic attempt to research the impact of television during the 1950s and 60s in the rural British county of Norfolk.

    The research is an attempt to liberate the history of television in Britain from a subconscious urban bias that has developed in previous academic work and consequently to re-frame our understanding of the social and cultural impact of both the BBC and the ITV network (in this case Anglia Television, the commercial broadcaster in the East Anglia region).

    The project involves the analysis of existing archive sources (including the BBC Written Archives Centre, the Independent Television Archives and the East Anglian Film Archive), as well as the generation of a new archive of the social history of television in the region by undertaking a series of oral history interviews, for which it is currently seeking participants.

    Despite its focus on a localised experience of television, the output of the project has the potential to be both nationally and internationally significant in respect of its contribution to the historiography of television in Britain and beyond.

    I may have been trying to promote a certain research project on a more global level…

    If you have any interest in the history of TV, or would just like to occasionally be reminded of shows that you grew up with, then the tumblr of the Broadcast Archives at the University of Maryland is a must follow!

  2. The second in an occasional series of posts dedicated to UK chocolate advertisements.

    Apparently the best way to sell a chocolate bar is by using a video of James Corden lip-synching Estelle’s ‘Free’ whilst walking through London…

  3. I will take negativity and make it inspire me
    I was not a book from a library
    As I stand here alone, I declare I was not a loan
    To be picked up and dropped off at a later date
    And you barely even made my spine bend
    Just skimmed through some of the interesting bits then skipped to the end

    I’ve waited a couple of days to post this.

    It is an inspired piece of writing. One which builds from bitterness and resentment, through a torrent of rage, to a crescendo of arrogance, ego and ambition. All the while managing to remain delicately beautiful.

    That’s a testament to how clever the rhetoric is and how well judged the Moroder-esque musical beats are.

    I find this devastating in the most affirming of ways.


  4. "

    I will not assume that we all want to take ourselves very seriously and make a big splash in the world - I will just assume that we want to enjoy life, and not to have an unhappy one; that we would like to feel that we have put our lives to some use, and are not tossing them away; and that we would like other people to feel glad when they see us, and not think of us as miseries. Simple things, but if you pull them off, you won’t have done so badly, believe me.


    Anyone can criticise others - lovely work, even the overtime’s a pleasure. But try taking a look at yourself, try some self-criticism.


    The second point I will put very shortly. Try not be too afraid.


    If at every corner of your life, when a new and wider prospect opens you decide to stick to the road you know, you will end by passing up an awful lot of opportunities. And it isn’t only at the big turns in life.

    Life is in fact not a straight road with a few big cross-roads, boldly marked. It’s more like a winding lane, with other lanes going off all the time, and you’re taking little decisions all day long and most of those little decisions take just a little more nerve than you might think.


    Some of the highlights from Sir Robert Fraser’s Speech at the Sir Christopher Wren School Speech Day at Kensington Hall London, October 4th 1954.

    Fraser was the first Director General of the ITA and this transcript is located within a file of his speeches and articles in the ITA/IBA Archive housed at Bournemouth University.

  5. Seems the light at the end of the tunnel was a fire

    Now I’m choking on the smoke in my lungs, I’m so tired

    But I can’t go to sleep with a mind that’s so wired

    You call that shit depression - I call it inspired

    I know that the beat is going to be divisive but you should listen to this a couple of times anyway because Pip writes about the dichotomy of darkness and light inherent in love and relationships in an incredibly accomplished way.

    Lyrics are here. Read them.

  6. Yeah I might seem so strong
    Yeah I might speak so long
    I’ve never been so wrong
  8. It’s not big or clever to put a learner driver sign on your boss’s car. But it is funny when he doesn’t notice…

  9. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - ‘Can’t Hold Us’ @ Radio 1’s ‘Big Weekend - Derry- Londonderry’

    Nailed it.


  10. It’s not sunburn, it’s ‘solar glow’.