1. A Body in Motion: Part 62

    Distance: 11.06 miles 

    Time: 73m 59s

    Average Mile Pace: 6m 41s

    Average Speed: 8.97mph

    Total 2012 Distance: 404.01 miles

    Runkeeper: Here

    Notes: Extremely pleased to get through the 400 mile barrier for the year. More importantly rather than just getting through the barrier, I also feel like I’ve got through it whilst actually improving in my running.

    This morning’s effort felt good. Despite the fact that looking back at the trace the first 2 miles were much slower than I expected, the overall time and mile paces are positive, although I would add the caveat that there are two points on the Runkeeper trace that seem to indicate very brief GPS lock issues, not enough to ruin the overall accuracy of the recording, but worth mentioning. My mind was clear this morning and I felt light on my feet, there’s not much better as a runner than the feeling of gliding along in an efficient, agile way. You’ve got to hold onto the memories of that, because from bitter experience most runs do not go that way!

    Still this was a smiley run. It’s nice to have another one of those.

    So, slowly but surely we’re getting there. It’s pretty clear from my recovery times at the moment that I’m still not pushing myself hard enough. Consistent sub-seven minute miles are good, but they’re becoming more comfortable - I am plateauing again.

    I need to forget about who I think I am.

    I need to get strong.

    I need to get brave.

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