1. T|34

    Notes: The important thing is that I DID NOT run into a concrete bollard this morning.

    That, my friends, is definite progress.

    My hip is still a little sore after my previous running faux pas (seriously guys, concrete bollards are bloody solid and strangely enough don’t have much ‘give’ when you collide with them!), but it doesn’t appear to be particularly affecting my mobility. Hopefully the soreness will disappear over the next few days.

    I lost 15 seconds at the end of the third mile/beginning of the 4th whilst waiting at a crossing and then another 5 seconds doing a lace up - you’d think that at my age I might be able to tie laces properly! Neither would make a massive difference to the overall pace, but I guess it’s good to know that I could be a little quicker without putting more effort in.

    Of course the reality is that I need to put the extra effort in: I need to get faster and fitter, and I need to get both quickly.

    Let’s go to work.

  2. malloryrunsthis - this is the type of advice that you just can’t buy! What would I do without you? ;)

    iamadirtyfoot - Sir, yes Sir! (I don’t think I’m up to military standards yet though!)

    karikeepsrunning - Should I pretend to be surprised? ;p

    I managed to not do any ironing for the best part of 30 years, apparently part of being a grown up is doing it. It’s bollocks, I definitely don’t remember signing up for that!

  3. Once again I take on a mortal enemy…

    Ladies, I am dangerously close to becoming domesticated! ;)

  4. T|33

    Notes: Sometimes you hit a psychological wall when running, other times you just clip a concrete bollard with your hip.

    That tends to hurt a bit.

    Still a fair way off race pace.

  5. There’s no point always trying to stay cool, calm and collected. Sometimes you just want to do an impression of Munch’s ‘The Scream’ for comic effect!


  6. karikeepsrunning - No, at one point they told me to put my hands together so they would actually have a chance of catching me. Apparently I was having too much fun twirling around in the air!

  7. So this happened.

    Note that I did not scream.

  8. karikeepsrunning Will this do as evidence I survived?

    I swear that I don’t look this smug in real life!

  9. Before.

  10. Sunshine and blue skies.

    Time to leave this all behind and go and jump off a crane…