1. So…

    The choice is between a MacBook Air and no new suit or a windows laptop and a new suit.

    Perhaps the very definition of a first world dilemma.


  2. Pathological desire to have this suit or at least to add a burgundy one to my  collection.

    I nearly caved into the pressure late last night…

  3. Oh Brother - Frank Turner

    This isn’t where it ends;

    The world will keep on turning,

    We’ll all make more mistakes, we’ll all have time to make amends.

    We’ll carry different loads,

    We’ll all get different blisters,

    Even so you know we’ll miss them when we’re finally out of road.

     This was bloody good live.

  4. T|67

    Notes: If each of my posts were the equivalent of a metre then I would now be 1 mile away from where I began.

    Some of you have now walked a mile in my shoes. Maybe you know who I am now. Maybe I know who I am.

    I made hard work of today’s run. But that’s okay, at least I got out there.

  5. The dress code for tonight is smart casual, so unfortunately neither of the ties are appropriate. Hopefully the suit and brand new shirt will suffice and be suitably elegant.

    Good enough? Heartbreaker? Comments?


  6. Frank Turner was absolutely fucking awesome.

  7. malloryrunsthis - Will do! I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Tickets for the opening night of Frank Turner’s UK tour.

    You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to find someone to go with me!


  9. I didn’t want that wisdom tooth anyway…

    It made an interesting noise when the dentist took it out!

  10. attemptsatrunning - Thanks. I’m still not back to being in great shape so this type of run is hard work, but I’m getting there.

    And dreaming of sub 10min/mi averages will turn into reality for you if you keep steadily working on it! (It’s taking me bloody ages to get to this point!)