1. T|57

    Notes: Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe Runkeeper.

    I reckon that this route is actually 5.03 miles long not 5.30 miles. I also know that the final split time is utter, utter bollocks. Plus if you actually try and edit the route to be a bit more accurate Runkeeper now fucks things up massively!

    Regardless of all that this was a hard run. As you can see from the particularly unflattering selfie (post run and post vomit!) it took place during a storm and I got utterly drenched. The rain is what I needed. The chance to refresh body and mind. Thunder, lightning, rain and running.

    What more could you ask from a Thursday evening?

  2. T|56

    Notes: That is really crap.

    Worse still it was really hard work to be that crappy.

    Yes it’s hot, but I made this cross country route look really difficult. I think it might be good for me to try to slow my pace down and start running some long distances again. The problem is that I still kind of feel as if I have some unfinished business with the 5 and 10k distance.



  3. So I think it’s fair to say that one of my red t-shirts was a little less colour-fast than I thought.

    It’s also fair to say that some of my white socks and white undercrackers are a little more pink than before…


  4. Currently have a bad case of the Naga Chilli hiccups.

  5. Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Heatwave

    The UK is currently going through it’s own version of a ‘heatwave’. Which is more than enough justification to post this amazing song

  6. Disclosure ft. London Grammar - Help Me Lose My MInd

  7. T|55

    Notes: The easy thing to say is that I haven’t being feeling myself recently. But that wouldn’t be the truth.

    The harder thing to say is that I’ve been feeling like a version of myself that I hoped to never revisit. That would be more honest.

    And painful.

    It’s progress to admit that the lack of enthusiasm I’m suffering from isn’t something that I’m just going to snap out of. It’s a shame that it took a run where I felt that I was physically falling apart to accept that I am a little psychologically fragile at the moment.

    It’s a shame that I’ve been feeling like this for a few months because there are some truly wonderful things going on in my life at the moment. Important people have arrived and individuals have shown great faith in me. Perhaps it’s all too much? Perhaps I can’t accept it all at once?

    Running provides me with the time to think about myself and accept difficult conclusions. It also provides me with clues as to where some of the answers might lie.

    That’s why I do it. That’s why I have to try to push on when it hurts.


  8. 12,000 word academic journal article now passed on to me to feedback on and edit before submission.

    I feel sick.

  9. George EzraBudapest

  10. T|54

    Notes: So much warmer than I was expecting that it wasn’t funny. I sweated buckets.

    Not a great pace or anything, but a reasonable amount of effort went into it so I’ll give myself a break.

    The run was at least partly powered by a feeling of frustration brought on by an impending bill for sorting a little bit of body work on my new car.

    It’s amazing what can become a source of motivation.